The heart of therapy is support that helps an individual surpass psychological limitations and become more conscious of their highest potential. Cheryl brings a wide range of experience to the treatment as she has served in clinical and supervisory roles in a variety of psychiatric clinical research settings and community mental health services for twenty-eight years. 

Questions about the human condition engage the therapeutic dialogue: What is our life purpose? How do we find our authentic voice? How do we live more consciously and become truly ourselves? How do we respond to adversity? To loss? To illness? to death? How do we experience abundance, joy and balance in our lives? How can we create beauty and express ourselves fully? How can we be of service to humankind? How do we love?

By clearly understanding the true nature of ourselves we can better understand the nature of all things. Psychotherapy is a service that begins with the individual and touches society at large. It is taught in Eastern philosophy that the most powerful and beautiful states of consciousness are: love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Through cultivating these qualities, it is believed that one can feel more harmony and mastery towards oneself, relate better to others and develop a greater sense of connectedness with the world. By increasing awareness of one’s spiritual truths, creativity, physical nature and connection to what nourishes us, it is possible to manifest greater joy in everyday existence.

Cheryl specializes in treating the whole person and by understanding the necessity for balance in the relational, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of self. She is committed to helping those dealing with illness and adversity, both mental and physical.  Through her clinical work and other valuable life experiences she has developed a greater understanding of what may be required when challenged to transform difficulties into positive resolution. She considers it a great honor to have the opportunity to serve her clients, consultees and trainees. 


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