Meet Cheryl

“Traumas produce their disintegrating effects in proportion to their intensity, duration and repetition” – Pierre Janet

As an EMDRIA Accredited Trainer and psychotherapist in private practice with 30 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, children and infant-mother dyads, her aim is to support healing the wounds of trauma. Her experience includes the treatment of adolescents and adults. Some areas of focus are on PTSD, complex trauma, attachment issues and dissociative disorders. Her work additionally centers on but is not limited to behavioral addictions, performance enhancement and creative development.  


Cheryl strives to embody integrity and the highest standards of practice as a psychotherapist while supporting other clinicians to increase their knowledge and build clinical capacity.  As an advocate for EMDR best practices, she considers it an honor to serve through training, mentorship, advocacy and practicing psychotherapy. Cheryl is on the Faculty of the EMDR Institute and Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Programs - HAP and is an Accredited Trainer and Facilitator. As an active faculty member, she values this role as it allows her to stay current with: new research, updated EMDR training curriculums and innovative clinical findings in psychiatry and traumatology.

Cheryl created and operates the online networking website, the CT EMDR Therapists Directory, a referral source for EMDR therapists and those affected by trauma who are seeking psychotherapy services. As an active consultant she aims to bring quality mentorship to her colleagues and consultees. Through Inspired Therapy, she offers advanced EMDR trainings on psychotherapy interventions to treat complex traumas. She currently is on the steering committee of the New Haven EMDR Network, for which has been a member for 14 years.

(203) 675-3440