Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is a psychotherapist, clinical consultant and trainer who is versatile in a wide range of therapy modalities. She is committed to helping those affected by psychological trauma through: clinical work, consultation, training, writing and organizing seminars for the therapeutic community. For twenty five years she has sought through her work to help individuals in attaining lasting healing, growth and change. Her philosophy lies in the belief that individuals possess an innate ability to improve how they experience life. The innate healing process occurs with the balance of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the self. Her work lies in evidenced-based clinical foundations and is informed by contemporary, dynamic mind-body approaches as well as by Eastern thought. A main interest is the treatment of individuals with complex trauma and dissociation. Her work additionally centers on but is not limited to disorders of attachment, substance abuse, behavioral addictions, compulsions, relationships, abuse/neglect, performance enhancement, creative development and self-mastery. Her philosophy incorporates a treatment mindset that is holistic and strength-based. Cheryl obtained her Masters degree from New York University School of Social Work and launched her private psychotherapy practice in Greenwich Village. She worked in infant-parent program in New York City’s Metropolitan Hospital’s Parent-Infant Therapeutic Program. At the Yale Child Study Center, she was a Clinical Instructor of Social Work focused on family therapy systems in IICAPS: Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services and in the Minding the Baby Program: A Reflective Parenting Home Visiting Program.  She is in private practice with offices in Connecticut’s East Rock neighborhood of New Haven and on the shoreline town of Guilford.


Cheryl is a rare find in the field of psychotherapy and consultation. She combines a goal oriented, problem focus with a joyous, holistic, metaphoric sensibility. She is a gifted guide for your own self-inquiry, for consultation in your work or for exploring new clinical perspectives. – Adult Psychotherapist, Madison, CT
As a consultant, I found Cheryl to be extremely knowledgeable in EMDR , its core competencies and many practicalities.  She is exceptional in coaching her consultees and has an uncanny ability to dissect cases into simple, manageable pieces and make recommendations based on that information.  In addition, her willingness to share real-world examples, make appropriate and effective recommendations, and her many years of experience was refreshing to me. Cheryl is truly passionate about EMDR and passionate about providing her students with the tools necessary to succeed.  I learned so much from Cheryl and have every intention of taking advantage of her years of experience long after the completion of my consultation hours. Adult Therapist to First Responders, Massachusetts 
Consultation with Cheryl was comfortable and extremely informative. I never felt uneasy in asking a question regardless of how incompetent it may have made me feel. Cheryl made me more passionate and eager to start the work. Her response time for questions in between consultation couldn’t be better and the extra resources she provided were so helpful. – Adult and Child Therapist, Springfield, MA

I am beyond grateful for Cheryl’s continued support and clinical guidance. She is insightful, experienced, and compassionate. Her cultural sensitivity and trauma informed care provided a unique therapeutic approach in working with a very vulnerable population. She has immensely shaped the clinical lens in which I conduct my work. -Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, Miami FL

My favorite thing about consultation was Cheryl’s ability to meet me where I was on any given week. Some weeks I needed intense clinical guidance with complex trauma cases. Other weeks I was exploring the use of the different therapeutic models in my “toolbox” and who I am as a clinician. Other times I really needed personal support for my countertransference and vicarious trauma. She was always able to utilize her knowledge, compassion and experience to be right there with me. – Adult Psychotherapist, Washington D.C.

Cheryl was a great consultant for our group. She was attentive to each individual as well as to the group and structured the content based on what we needed to learn, what we were interested in and where the cases took us.  
 – Adult therapist, Guilford, CT

I realized shortly after beginning consultation that Cheryl was not only was an accomplished trauma clinician but also a wonderful spiritual therapist. If I needed a consultant or therapist, she would certainly be at the top of my list. – Adult Psychotherapist, Guilford CT

Cheryl has a depth of experience and knowledge that allowed her to quickly understand my complex cases with survivors of sexual assault during our consultations. She provided keen conceptual insight and extremely practical mentoring on how to creatively deliver interventions with each case. – Adult Psychotherapist, Washington, D.C.

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