Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is a psychotherapist, clinical consultant and trainer who is versatile in a wide range of therapy modalities. She is committed to helping those affected by psychological trauma through her clinical work, consultation, training and advocacy for the therapeutic community. For over twenty-five years she has sought to help individuals in attaining lasting healing, growth and change. Her philosophy lies in the belief that individuals possess an innate ability to improve how they experience life. The innate healing process occurs when there is a balance of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the self. Her work lies in evidenced-based clinical foundations and is informed by contemporary, dynamic mind-body approaches as well as by Eastern thought. One of her main interests is the treatment of individuals with complex trauma and dissociation. Her work additionally centers on but is not limited to disorders of attachment, behavioral addictions, relationships, performance enhancement and creative development. Her philosophy incorporates a treatment mindset that is holistic and strength-based. Cheryl obtained her Masters degree from New York University School of Social Work and launched her private psychotherapy practice in Greenwich Village.¬†She is in private practice with offices in Connecticut’s East Rock neighborhood of New Haven and on the shoreline town of Guilford.


Cheryl is a rare find in the field of psychotherapy and consultation. She combines a goal oriented, problem focus with a joyous, holistic, metaphoric sensibility. She is a gifted guide for your own self-inquiry, for consultation in your work or for exploring new clinical perspectives. – Nancy Mann, LCSW, Adult Psychotherapist, Madison, CT

Cheryl has a depth of experience and knowledge that allowed her to quickly understand my complex cases with survivors of sexual assault during our consultations. She provided keen conceptual insight and extremely practical mentoring on how to creatively deliver interventions with each case. – Schuyler Cunningham, Adult Psychotherapist, Washington, D.C.

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Courtesy of EMDR International Association