Individual EMDR Consultation

“Clinicians must utilize everything they have ever learned to best serve their clients.” – Dr. Francine Shapiro


Basic Training Consultation

As an active Trainer and Facilitator at EMDR Institute and EMDR HAP Basic trainings, Cheryl is informed of the most updated training curriuculum concepts and will emphasize the most current training content, manual changes and procedural concepts. Tailored to optimize the individual’s learning style and level of expertise. Focused on professional development and the acquisition of conceptual and procedural knowledge of EMDR Therapy.

Individual consultation hours can also be designated towards Certification or Approved Consultant requirements or for non-credit ongoing support. Meetings can take place with varying frequency according to the desired pace of the consultee.


$67 for 45 min.

$90 hr.

(203) 675-3440

As a consultant, I found Cheryl to be extremely knowledgeable in EMDR, its core competencies and many practicalities.  She is exceptional in coaching her consultees and has an uncanny ability to dissect cases into simple, manageable pieces and make recommendations based on that information.  In addition, her willingness to share real-world examples, make appropriate and effective recommendations, and her many years of experience was refreshing to me. Cheryl is truly passionate about EMDR and passionate about providing her students with the tools necessary to succeed.  I learned so much as an EMDR consultant and have every intention of taking advantage of her years of experience long after the completion of my consultation hours.  –Rich Briggs, MA