Advanced Concepts in EMDR Individual Consultation: Dissociative Disorders

“I have another self … weltering in tears … I carry it deep inside me like a wound.
― Michel Tournier (1972, The Ogre)

Customized instruction and evaluation of clinical skills required to provide EMDR modifications for clients with Dissociative Disorders, DESNOS and Axis II designations.

Focus is on the application of safe and effective interventions integrating EMDR and the Theory of Structural Dissociation of the Personality, Attachment Theory, Ego State Therapy and specialized protocols for personality disorders.

  • EMDR Modifications, Adaptations, Precautions
  • The Theory of Structural Dissociation
  • Assessment, Screening & Diagnosis
  • Case Formulation & Treatment Planning
  • Phased Oriented Treatment
    • Working with Parts
    • Dealing with Resistance
    • The therapist’s role – Client Dependence/ Therapist Responsibility
    • Working with Child Parts
    • Working with Hostile Parts
    • Working with Perpetrator Parts
    • Working with Self-Harming, Unsafe or Self-Limiting behaviors
    • Treatment of Traumatic Memory
    • Assimilation

$90 hr.

(203) 675-3440